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Role – Watch Specialist

Length of service: 2011 – present

Previous roles –  Sales assistant

What brought you to sea? – Chance to save good money, visit a lot of countries, and find myself in something different than my real vocation.

What is your favourite part of the job (aside from traveling)? – When my till roll runs out…Just kidding. Looking at the guest in the shop and observe what they are looking at and why, how to recognize what they need…And of course, successful result of that observation.

What is the most challenging part of the job? – Above mentioned observation. Everything else depends on the shop manager, itinerary and the ship itself, so it’s relative.

What is your favourite promotion/shop event? – Watch wonderland, of course. My lecture about watches, watches on promo tables, colleagues who are helping and telling me to relax, and of course watch sizing, are the highlights of that promotion.

What advice would you give to anyone joining Harding Retail? – Our job is tough but rewarding. You get to know yourself better, find your limits, and feel privileged at the end.

3 words to describe your life at sea? Life less ordinary.

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